Margaritelli Ferroviaria originally specialised in manufacturing wooden railway sleepers but concrete has played a key role in company development. Our technologically advanced post-tensioning process allows Margaritelli to manufacture a wide range of PRC sleepers, from those designed for conventional lines to the more technically advanced sleepers required for high speed lines, whilst consistently maintaining quality in compliance with technical specifications.


Our oak sleepers are perhaps the product that most people associate with Margaritelli Ferroviaria. Today timber is used exclusively in maintaining and renovating “historic” lines, where the track laying conditions, the width of the track bed and sharp bends in the line route make it impossible to use concrete. RFI specifies that timber used on Italian railway lines must be oak, a wood that has always been an integral part of Margaritelli’s identity, our timber originates in Fontaines, in Burgundy, and processing is completed in Rodallo.

Traffic barrier systems

The Margaritelli family have been working wood for over a century and the Esterni Eterni product range is fruit of this experience. Essential lines, elegant design, incredibly high quality workmanship, careful selection of raw materials as well as advanced production and treatment technology are the features that make the Esterni Eterni range stand out from the crowd.